“Jesse Johnston’s Zumba program constitutes an evolution in fitness experience for Laramie. As someone who has explored aerobics and exercise classes in Laramie for over twenty years, I am deeply impressed by the unique niche that this program has filled in our community. From the program’s inception, participants have ranged from teenagers to octogenarians, mostly women but also a few men, coming from every walk of life—teachers, store clerks, stay-at-home parents, doctors and nurses, students, administrative assistants, musicians, professors, mechanics, retirees, nannies, business owners, and many more. On joining the class, a few are already fitness fanatics, but many have clearly not “worked out” in a long time, if ever. Yet week after week the old and the young come back for more because it’s fun! It’s not just exercise—it’s really a community party where the dance is what’s vital. Remarkably, folks really stick to this program and it has visibly changed people. The Zumba focus on music and dance from all over the world is appealing, but it is Jesse’s passionate commitment to this endeavor and to this community that makes his program special and irresistible.”
Karen E, PhD
“Jesse’s philosophy of “Eat/Think/Move” has been instrumental in changing my relationship with food. Eating healthier was easy because he made it accessible and provided many delicious recipes. He is incredibly talented at combining ingredients in novel ways to create meals that are nutritious and flavorful. I’ve learned so much from him and am constantly motivated and inspired by his messages.”